Perfect Verse Over a Tight Beat
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“A history? No. A story, really. A tale from the dark side.
In this book, as in VIBE, hip hop is all. It’s always there, sometimes the brain, sometimes the bones, sometimes the heart beating under the skin. “Hip hop writers” are often accused of being “too close” to the music, to the artists, and to the scene. Hell yes, we’re close to it. We love this shit. And we have high expectations of it. Are we close to hip hop? Yes. Where else to be but close to the truth? Close to art and mystery and metaphor. To the singularity of voice. The magnificence of ingenious sampling.
But when we show hip hop the respect it deserves by critiquing it, everyone gets mad. Artists cry foul, we say your ball.
Many of us live our lives to the beat of this wondrous music.”

Danyel Smith

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